Welcome Home

rose in a jar

Hey hey hey there! I’m back. After a bit of break from blogging (switching from Word Press to Squarespace) I am back. Welcome to the new home of Kate Uhry photography! Welcome home!

I am excited to have all my little chicks in the same nest. All my photography, blog, and Print Shop are all in one place. It is something I have wanted to do for a while, but I was terrified by the undertaking. I finally bit the bullet, new domain name, new branding, the whole nine yards.

As well as posting all my weddings here I will also be adding some differnnt kind of post than i have presviously. So if you are bride to be or a budding wedding photogrpaher, I’ll have some good posts coming to you soon. If you’d like you can sign up to receive blog post updates, as well as some freebie giveaways, mini session first offers + more.

In the meantime follow along on Facebook & Instagram. I have two IG accounts, so if its weddings you want to see follow me @kateuhryweddings and everything else is @kateuhry.

Take a peek around, check out the latest at the print shop. And thanks so much for sticking around while I went off the radar!