new year new beginnings

This year has started off quickly, with a few weddings already booked and a lot of incoming inquires. I am really looking forward to the 2019 season!

Since 2001 my primary source of income has been photographing weddings. I started off charging 2,900 in 2001. It was really not enough to live off of, but it was so much fun. I loved it so much, that I was okay living from hand to mouth. One year I booked 18 weddings (between May and October) some on back to back days. It was late December in 2012 and I had just finished shooting a wedding at a hotel. It was perfectly nice, and a adorable couple. But I started realizing that I was burnt out. I missed out on so many friends gatherings that summer, family reunions, college reunions, and I missed summer completely. Suddenly it was weeks before Christmas and I had just finished my last wedding of the season. I had heard the same wedding dance songs, seen the same white bouquet. I just started feeling "this isn't me". It wasn't why I started photographing weddings, and it wasn't really what I loved about weddings. I had recently gotten all kinds of wedding awards and it was nice, because it validated what I was doing but I was getting all these brides who wanted the same thing. And I just didn't want to do it anymore. It didn't seem like what I had loved so much about photographing weddings in the first place. Which brings me to to the last several years. They have been wonderful!


Last year I took on a limited amount of really special weddings, ones that truly meant something to me; I connected with the couples' and I just fell in love with their story. I stoped worrying about the amount of weddings I shot, and focused on the weddings that seemed interesting, meaningful and beautiful. It totally changed me. And it totally changed my work. I am limiting myself to just 10 weddings this summer. And YES, I still have spots available June-August!

Outdoor wedding photography

Outdoor wedding photography

I love natural light. I love down to earth outdoor weddings, its why and how I started photographing weddings in the first place.   I will also be limiting my weddings to specific venues. At home weddings, outdoors, or at venues that are light-filled. Some of these include The Lace Factory, The Inn at Mystic, South Farms,Connecticut Vineyards & The Winvian. It doesn't mean the entire wedding must be outside (although that is pretty much my favorite-who doesn't love a campfire?) I am also adding in some traveling dates to my weddings. So if you are getting married in LA or in Colorado, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, I would LOVE to photograph your wedding!

vows | Kate Uhry photography

vows | Kate Uhry photography

And lastly, and kinda why I started this post, COST. I hate talking about money but It's how I make a living, and I gotta feed my dogs! In order to give you the boutique wedding photography that you deserve I need to charge a bit more. One, the cost of living is going up, and I haven't raised my prices in FOREVER! In the last several years it is expected to include a USB drive, a private online gallery, and in order to provide all the nice extra's (like these photo boxes with prints) which are included in all my wedding packages, I must raise the price. Starting February 1, the starting cost for my wedding packages will be 4,200. For more information, or if you are interested in booking for THIS SUMMER feel free to contact me and we can see if I have your date opened!




THINK GREEN ACT GREEN Think green act green!

Think Green act green, a great concept which is super important to me personally. as well as professionally. I was approached by someone to help promote the elimination of plastic bags in small town, Washington CT .I was more than happy to oblige, and so I took some fun pictures of Caroline, who is donated money she raised from her yoga classes to help support the cause. The Pictures were taken at Waldingfield Farm  (a favorite spot of min in Washington). The small town want to abolish the use of plastic bags, which I think we can-all get behind, am I right? Here are a few pictures from the photo shoot. Their mission: " the Council’s mission has been to be an advocate for and provide leadership in maintaining, protecting and enhancing the environmental quality of the Town of Washington and the surrounding area. To learn more, please visit the Washington Environmental Council website here.THINK GREEN ACT GREEN -Kate Uhry photographyTHINK GREEN ACT GREEN -Kate Uhry photographyKATE UHRY PHOTO/think greenSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

time flies

lilacs for sale at bodega And suddenly we've gone from winter to Spring in a matter of days. I've been trying to 'put pencil to paper' so to speak, but now that the weather has shifted I've been spending all my free time outside! I am really excited to kick of wedding season, as well as my anual spring mini sessions. I am still here, and ready for what the season brings. Which will include a few summer destnitions in Nantucket, Martha's Vineyardm and more. But I am most excited for the beach, and the few little elopments I photographed this spring, which I will share soon. I love intimate, and tiny weddings, as well as elopments. It is always such a really meaningful wedding. No fuss, and I really love the intimacy of a small wedding. You really get to capture all the emotions and authentic moments. For now, I will leave you with this: I still have a few slots open this month for Mother's Day Mini Sessions. Now through May 20th. only 200.00 for a lovely session with me on location in Litchfield County. Happy Mother's day!


xx Kate     SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

happy belated new year

kate uhry photoOk, so not very timely, but I wanted to jump in here (January of course) and wish everyone a happy new year. Sorry for the radio silence. Ive been working on my new website design, full branding makeover, and logo design! Other than that, it was a full week of stay-in-pj's-all-day kinda vacation, lots of hot chocolate, warm cozy fires, and movie watching. My idea of a perfect way to ring in the new year!   I am really happy to be selling my art now online! I first started doing this in the late fall, when a photograph of mine, was bought by a designer, and then featured on Home Polish! So I scrambled to put a storefront together in a few short hours! 'Dunes' is the print I sold, and now I am in a partnership with Framebridge! So exciting, it's truly a life long dream of mine to sell my photographs! So with all that new, I sharing with you a few sweet gallery wall examples (some of my art in them, and photographs). Remember you can mix and match frame, artwork, and photographs! Here is a great example of a really traditional gallery wall, with matching gold frames, and the mat's are all the same size, nice if you like a grid design. gallery wall design-kateuhry I personally love a little salon style wall, different shapes, colors and images. Mixing vintage art work with current family pictures, as well as this print from my shop . For questions about design, please shoot me a message! Or if you already know what you want head over to the shop  and pick out one of my own prints. Once you order a print, with frame, it will be drop shipped directly to you via Framebridge. It is is easy-peasy.

Happy New Year! and may your new year be filled with lots of love, light, and art!



FINE ART PRINTS I am hoping everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, gathering with friends & family, and are comfortably still full (like me). I actually fasted on Friday, not because of any fad diet, but I was still so full I couldn't imagine putting another bite of food in my mouth! I am offering a discount on all the prints at the prints shop. Is it just me, or is everyone sort of hating on Black Friday sales? I just don't see the point, when you can shop in PJ's at home watching Netflix...I am hoping you all will take advantage of shopping small today at your local shops, and support small business. Mom and Pop shops, and even your favorite Etsy shop. Check out my new prints (beach pictures from Wellfeet Ma. A portion of the proceeds from this sale will be going to saving the wales, a passion of mine since I was a young child. You'll receive 10% off any print, and free shipping through November 30th at midnight. Just use code #shopsmall Thank you so much for your continued support of my art, it is a beautiful thing to have clients who not only support me, by hiring me for family photo sessions year after year, but those who have my art hanging on their walls. xoxo Kate



New Adventures

girl-blowing-bubble-Kate Uhry photographySpring has sprung here and I have been meaning to update a few things on the blog lately. 1. I started a new business; building websites for creative folk like myself. Photographers, floral designers, anything artsy and wedding related, Ive also done a few food and resutrunt logos. It is a great creative outlet, and allows me to sharpen my other creative skills (designing, watercolor, you name it)! So if you'd like to take a moment and check it out (and you like this blog/website here) I built it! I love designing, and I love creating pretty spaces on the web for others! You can check out the new site here: Peony Hill Studio.  If you are on Instagram you can also follow Peony Hill here Have an awesome spring week, and Ill be sharing my first wedding on here very soon!

on being authentic

It's OK-Kate Uhry photography

On being authentic…

This week has thrown me for a loop… in all ways. Aside from dysfunctional politics in Washington, I have felt that I am questioning everything I do. While the word authentic has become totally over-used I think that when it comes to being a photographer (or any type of artist), that it is so important. Which has led me to wondering if what I do is important.This morning I thought I should just start working as a photojournalist again, and that weddings, kids, etc are just not important. My work was criticized as “too artsy” for wedding photography. I’ve been told my pictures are overly saturated, too bright, or that they were “too light and pastel-ish”. Both by top wedding industry leaders. Here is the thing. The moment you start to do something for someone else, and not for you, or your clients, you loose it. The “it” being that thing you have that made you popular in the first place. I never have been a person to try out trends when it comes to photography. I usually go with my gut. If a client is drawn to my portfolio, that is really all that matters?! I have to remind myself when that little voice in my head screams at me “just do it, do what you love”, the right people will come to you. I don’t fit into a niche in the industry. I appreciate the times my weddings’ have been featured in magazines’ and bridal blogs, its not what drives me. So when I hear the voices of negativity I tell have to tell myself It’s OK. IT’S OK Here is the thing that I know… what makes us different, or non-conforming is what makes us unique and (err) authentic. So lately I just keep saying (in my head) ‘you do you, ill do me’. That goes for politics as well. Keep going, keep working keep producing art and words and be authentic. xx-Kate Banner made by Ashley Durrand available to purchase here.

Happy New Year

Happy- New -Year-print-shop Happy New Year! I was sluggish and sick the entire week from Boxing Day through the new year. I suppose everything just caught up with me. It hasn’t been all-bad though. I’ve been hibernating and nursing a migraine, and just sleeping in and hanging out in my P.J’s all day. However the one goal I had for 2017 was to have my print shop set up, it’s something I wanted for a long time.   I am happy to announce my partnership with Framebridge. A super awesome company that custom frames artwork and photographs. I have new prints for sale, some that I brought back because of popular demand, and some new ones. If you are looking to treat yourself to some fine art photography, now is the time. For a limited time I am offering 10% off everything (including framed artwork). Use code FreshStart at checkout. Framed items will be drop shipped to you from Framebridge, with no shipping fee. How awesome is that?   Mist-jersey-shore-print-by-kate uhry photography Floating-with white-wood-frame-by-kate-uhry-photography detial of deer in snow with silver frame -Kate Uhry photoHorses-print by kate-uhrydetail of Jersey Shore image with white-wood-frame-by -Kate-UhryDetail -pink peonies -with silver frame-kate-uhry-photoI hope you had a fantastic holiday, and wish you loads of inspiration and calm in the new year. My goal this year is to focus on my art, and to continue to bring that into all my work, including weddings. What are your 2017 goals?

shop small saturday

flatiron-shop small saturday-kate-uhry-photoHELLO!

I have finally  updated and added a storefront gallery for my fine art prints! Just in time for the holidays. For the next week I will be offering 20% off any fine art print with the code SHOPSMALL  Happy Holidays!Follow this LINK to shop fine art prints! If you have any questions-please do not hessitate to shoot me an email. custom framing and matting are also available! Framed prints are also avaible through custom orders. A simple white, black or walnut frame with white matt. (shown below) Framed Print-Kate-uhry


apples falling -from March farms tree-kate uhry

" We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. We have the power to imagine better" J.K. Rowling I wanted to touch on  some thoughts  I've had over the last week. Whether  you are a photographer, or in a creative field, or you run your own business.... Don’t ever give away your work for free! Don’t ever let someone try and negotiate your fee. You set your fee, you set you hourly rates, and you set your boundaries. When people love your work, and respect it (and you) you won’t have to haggle. That is the ideal client! This is not to say that you should never donate your time to a charity, or cause you care about! Even though I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years, I still fall and stumble sometimes.  Just recently a friend of mine asked what prevents people from just “taking my pictures” online. The answer was quite simple, nothing.  As creative’s we can watermark, or simply show low resolution images, but images are always grabbed, and taken and then circle around Pinterest or Tumblr. But it happens to photographers all the time!  Not getting credit for your work is hard, but over time, if you want to publicly share your work, it's one of the pitfalls of being a photographer. Following that I recently had a contract sent over to me from a BIG company (like major). They want to  use one of my images for their website. It was flattering, to say the least, and when sent the email, I was excited.  When I opened the contract, I laughed. It basically said they would pay me nothing, and that I would give up all rights to the image, forever, and no one could know it was my image. I was feeling "bad" for sticking up for myself, and wanting to change the contract, I didn't ever hear back...but I stuck to my guns, and I can't be sorry for that. I have to believe that if you go with your gut, good things will come of it. Last week I had a client try and negotiate my fee. She was counting down to minutes. There I was in her second home, the whole perfect New England mansion…and she was haggling with me. I let go, and said she should pay me what she feels is fair, that this is my fee. Sure enough, in the end, she ended up paying me less than my normal fee. I walked away feeling angry. But the fault is on me, for not sticking up for myself. I feel like had I been a man, or had I been a plumber, or any other contractor, she wouldn't have tried to haggle. In that moment, I realized that I can't do that anymore. I shouldn't let someone tell me my services, and time are worth less. So lesson learned, once again, that even after all these years, I still fall. What pitfalls have you experienced in working for yourself? What is the best lessons you have learned? xo-Kate

mood board monday

yellow wedding inspirationHow happy is yellow? It may just be the happiest color there is. don't have to be totally garish when using it...just use pops of organic things you would find in nature. Like lemons and subtle flowers. Mix it with pale grays for your bridesmaids ...gray + yellow is beautiful for a spring or summer wedding! LOVE. and so I bring you my latest....mood board Monday! You cause pops of lovely bright ranunculus for spring (and add complimentary colors). Happy Monday! I needed a little pick me up after a long weekend! xo-Kate

Summer art show in New Preston, CT

Feet first | Kate Uhry photographyHere is  sneak peek of some of the images that will be on display at the loft gallery this summer. The opening artists reception is on July 16th from 4-6pm. So when you are done at the pool or Lake Waramaug, and lazing around, come join us for a glass of wine and view the art on display. More directions and info HERE  Or visit my Facebook page for more info! Jersey ShoregullsIMG_1564I hope to see you in person! till next time- xo-Kate


kateuhryphotography-38 Pardon the radio silence, where did the last five or six weeks go? I thought I would jump on the blog quickly to share a few things. First of all one of my favorite weddings from last summer was featured over on Rustic Weddings, and also will appear in Connecticut Magazine Fall/winter issue. But you can see it now, because, well, I have a brand spanking new website, with loads more portfolios for you to view. The new site is totally responsive (I am no techie) but basically it means it looks awesome on all your devices. surfer girlpopcorndoorsHappy Summer Solstice (a few days late). xo-Kate